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About Indi. Not just another disability service.

Indi stands for ‘individualised’ support services. This founding principle is the pillar upon which Indi was built. Soroush and Jess first worked in special needs schools and disability settings and identified the knowledge gap in the disability industry. As the saying goes, 'if you know one person with Autism, you know one person with Autism'. The duo became energised in supporting families outside of the education context and to upskill the disability sector as well as the general public about Autism, an often ‘invisible’ disability. We have seen firsthand the challenges Autistic people face in a society that is not yet ready to meet the needs of everyone that calls this place home. A lot of public spaces are sensory nightmares and a lot of facilities don’t have the correct supports in place to ensure genuine inclusion. We want to make a difference in this space. We want Autistic adults and children alike to live life with less anxieties and frustrations, with advocates and allies by their side. Indi employs disability support workers that are experienced, passionate, empathetic and determined to make a difference. At the heart of every day at Indi is consistency, trust, individualised attention and passion-based support.


Soroush has extensive experience in both education and disability settings. Soroush is a strong advocate for those living with neurodivergence, behaviours of concerns and complex trauma backgrounds. Soroush leads Indi’s mission, vision and values. He is passionate about empowering teams to embody person-centred behaviour support with the ambition of eliminating restrictive practices in the treatment of people. He is dedicated to improving the quality of life for service recipients, families and communities through creative applications for inclusive, life-enhancing, and personal empowerment-oriented supports.

Soroush Shahbazi


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Jess’ professional history concentrates on work that meaningfully impacts people with disabilities and neurodivergent perspectives. She has a background in Special Education and completed her longitudinal study on complex behavioural challenges with Gary Lavigne from the Institute for Applied Behavioural Analysis. Recently, Jess presented at the 2023 World Congress of Music Therapy, collaborating with specialists in the field to share knowledge around how to support people with complex and challenging behaviours through the lens of music. Collaborative practice is at the heart of Jess’ philosophy. She absolutely loves working with families and participants as well as with her team.

Jess Xi

Operations Manager

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