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Meet The Team



I'm the founder of Indi. My experience in disability support work has been in school, community and respite settings. I'm passionate about celebrating neurodiversity and ensuring every client has their needs met. My favourite things to do are camping, visiting the beach, going on road trips and listening to music.



I'm an Occupational Therapist currently completing my PHD on 'Cognitive strategies to help improve function for children with spinal cord injuries and spinal cord dysfunction'. I have worked as a disability support worker for over 8 years. I love netball, outdoor activities, movies and going out for great food.



I'm an Early Childhood Educator who has been in the education industry for over 10 years. I have ample experience working with children and families. I have supported young children with disabilities in my work. I like having family and friends over, cooking and anything creative.

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I co-founded Indi. My background is in Early Childhood and Primary Education. I have experience as a teacher at a school for autistic people and have also worked as a disability support worker for several years. I believe person centred approaches are integral to support work. I am energetic, calm and love getting crafty and the great outdoors. 



I'm a mental health worker with a Bachelor of Psychology, Post Graduate in Counselling and Diploma in Mental Health. I have worked in hospital and respite settings supporting people with mental health issues and illnesses as well as people with disabilities. I love nature, watching movies and going for walks. 



I'm a child protection caseworker with a Bachelor of Social work. I'm passionate about social justice and community welfare. I have 8 years experience as a disability support worker at a respite setting. I have worked with vulnerable children, adolescents and adults and love making real and positive change in people's lives. My interests include going for road trips, fun outings to the farmer's markets and going bushwalking.

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I'm a primary teacher with a Masters in Inclusive Education. I have extensive experience working with children and adults with disabilities in both school and respite settings. I love going to the beach, dining out with friends and spending time with my dog, Pip!



I studied English, History and Education at UWS. I have worked in the hospitality industry the last few years and am now seeking a more enriching path. I have been leading youth leadership camps for a few years and have always felt passionately about inclusion and equitable opportunity for all. I've been told I'm kind, calm and very easy going. In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, reading and having dinner with friends.



I'm a registered nurse who has been in the medical field for over 20 years. I have worked in the medical surgical ward and as a mental health nurse and specialised in supporting peoples' recovery from trauma, mental health issues and other disorders. I love playing soccer and tennis, spending time with my kids and cooking. 

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